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Trouble Tumblin' Down

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Trouble Tumblin’ Down

I see trouble tumblin’ down
A world of trouble fallin’ down
It all comes tumblin’ down

It’s a mean ol’ world
That knocks you down
When you’re feelin’ satisfied
That’s when trouble comes around
I’ve got to get myself together
But i can’t seem to make it right
No i can’t seem to get my mind right

I see trouble
A world of trouble
A see trouble
Tumblin’ down

I see trouble come tumblin’ down
A world of trouble fallin’ down
Just like the rain it all comes tumblin’ down

Well, i toss and turn all night
I want to sleep all day
Feel like i’m lookin’ for a fight
No matter what you say
I try to reach out to touch you
And i feel you turn to stone
Everything I try - everything I touch
Seems to turn out wrong
Oh, How long? How long? How long?

Will there be trouble
Must there be trouble
Too much trouble
Tumblin’ down, down, down

Trouble keeps fallin’ down
Just like the rain
I can’t get out of the rain
The world keeps tumblin’ down