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  1. Got My Own
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Got My Own

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Got My Own

Tell me, children, what do you see
Don’t look like a hell of a lot left for you and me
Ask your daddy where it all went
He’s got nothin’ to show but he’ll say that it’s all been spent

I don’t mind
(As) long as i got my own
I got my own

Every nickle spent on guns
Is taking food from the mouths of those who ain’t even begun
All the effort spillin’ blood
While they glorify it in Hollywood

They don’t mind
(As) long as they got their own
They got their own

As time goes on things get extreme
The fat get fat and the lean get lean
If you want to take it’s easy to do
But if you want to give you can do that too

There’s a garden told of old
(It was) paradise, so I’m told
Lord, sweet mama, won’t you take me there
This old world gets (to be) more than I can bear