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Thanks for checking out the website. This is where you can find out just about anything you might need to know about Atlanta-based musician Tommy Dean. This is the site to find out about performance dates, venue particulars, and information about musical projects as they occur.

"Singing is what I love to do and I am grateful for every opportunity that comes my way."

Who is playing what on Sole CD? 

Many people have told me that they would like to know who is playing what on which track on Sole. so here it is:
  1. Roll Away The StoneTommy Talton plays acoustic guitar. Nick Johnson who now tours with Randall Bramlett is a new talent around town and is playing electric guitar. Marty Kearns plays organ and Colin Agnew is on drums. Adam McKnight who sings for Elton John is singing with me on the backup vocals.
  2. Got My OwnColin Agnew plays pandero and we are both doing body percussion. I play everything else and do all the vocals on this one.
  3. Politician Blues Billy Wilkie is playing guitar and Marty Kearns is playing the keys. Colin Agnew is playing drums and Brazilian Rafael Peiera who has recorded with India Arie and Julie Dexter is making mayhem on the timbales.
  4. Breath of Fire – I added keys and electric bass to a slowed down Samba loop. A couple of drummers tried to replace the loop but it never felt right. Gerry Hansen who works with Shawn Mullins and Randall Bramlett came in to record live drums for the track. He asked for a lyric sheet – he was all about understanding the song form and when he laid down the drums the track came alive.  Davis Causey who I have been a fan of since I saw him play with Sea Level dubbed the guitar on this. Adam McKnight and I are singing all the vocals.
  5. Just A Matter Of TimeColin Agnew is the drummer. Tommy Talton plays all the guitars and I am playing double bass.
  6. Feel A Healin’ – Rick Hinkle who toured with Billy Joe Royal and the Tams plays guitar. Marty Kearns plays keys and Colin Agnew plays drums. I am on electric bass. John Flanagan recorded the tiny bit of electric viola we used.
  7. Trouble Tumblin’ DownTommy Knight is the guitarist. Marty Kearns is on keys and Andy Tompko is the drummer.
  8. I Always Land On My Feet – That’s Billy Wilkie on guitar and Colin Agnew on drums. I am playing double bass.
  9. Way Down In The HoleMarty Kearns is playing one of the guitars and Billy Wilkie is playing the lead guitar. Colin Agnew is the drummer.
  10. How Long, How Long – That’s Tommy Talton again on acoustic and Nick Johnson on electric guitar. Colin Agnew is playing drums.
  11. Buddha’s Blues – That’s Rick Hinkle, Marty Kearns, and Colin Agnew.
  12. That’s me singing and playing double bass live.
I sang everything and recorded all the electric and double bass tracks. Marty Kearns recorded it all. I either wrote or co-wrote all of the material except Tom Waits’ piece.

What I Do 

I am primarily a singer. Yes, I play bass, but that is so I can work. I am happiest when I can just sing and not think about anything other that what I am singing and how it fits with the musicians I am performing with. My favorite music to sing is whatever seems right for the moment and that is influenced by a combination of factors like: Who am I working with?  What are their musical strengths and preferences? What is the situation? Are we front and center? Are we strictly in the background? Who is the audience? Are they here to listen? To dance? Different situations call for different approaches. I like trying to size up an audience and see if I can "ring their bell" or "hit 'em where they live."  

The more I do this the more I am aware that people come from different backgrounds, regions, histories, experiences... Those differences make humanity rich. If I can find a tune that resonates with someone else, I enjoy the giving of it. Music is a gift.